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Spot any system non-compliance or profit issue in less than 60 seconds
Identify these failures fast - with Colour-Coded steps and easy-to-see “Red Alert” issues
Experience the Freedom and Certainty of Owning a Profitable and Successful Health Business by Having Access to these Key Features of “One Minute Practice”

1. New Patient Register

Tracks and records the successful completion of the key steps you want all new clients to undertake and benefit from - including such things as a written treatment plan, consult re-booking, welcome letter sent, welcome email, cancellation policy explained, referral program outlines, follow up call made - becoming the “policeman of your practice”. <join>

2. Daily Data entry

Your admin team collects the vital numbers for the business each day - spends 3 mins per therapist per day doing this. This saves you hours each month of stat collection and collaboration and gives you control like you have never had before. <join>

3. Profit and Loss

Outline of the performance of the business - in real time - don’t wait 12 months for your accountant to tell you how you are going. See the performance NOW and make changes as you need to - saving you thousands of lost dollars each and every month. <join>

4. KPI's

Transforms the data into a set of accurate and performance driven metrics - that allow you to see the performance of each and every team member in real time. No more uncertainty from not knowing your numbers - freeing you from having to be in the clinic monitoring each and every step you want your team to perform. <join>

5. Marketing Planner

The key to a great health business is the consistency of the marketing message you produce. Many health business owners are too busy putting out fires to have any time or energy left for marketing, however. One Minute Practice systematizes the marketing function of the business - giving you a consistent and measurable flood of new and repeat clients into your health business. <join>

6. Checklists

Have you ever spent hours creating protocol and training your team – only to revisit this protocol later and find these protocols are hardly being done at all? The checklist feature allows you to assess - in less than 1 minute - that your team are doing the tasks you want them to do – building certainty into your business each and every day. <join>

7. 90 Day Goals

Keep you and your team on track and motivated using our comprehensive 90 Day Goal planner. This part of the program allows you to set and review you and your team goals regularly - increasing team morale, productivity, engagement and retention. <join>

8. Follow Up Call Lists

One of the most effective marketing steps for any health business is to stay in touch with past clients - especially those who have slipped through the cracks. You can upload a list of client names from your practice management software and know if your team have made the required follow up calls and re-bookings, making you thousands each month. <join>

9. Cancellation / DNA Follow Up

Another of the most effective marketing strategies is to contact all clients who have cancelled their last appointment or failed to attend this session - the worst thing you can do is wait for them to call you. You can track that these clients have been called and rebooked - making you thousands of lost dollars each month and enhancing your reputation. <join>

10. Personalised for your Team

Your staff have their own personal logins so they can see at a glance where they are excelling and in which areas they can improve. This helps ensure each of your team is aware of their individual performance and how this impacts on the overall success of the business and the outcomes for the client. <join>

11. Remote Access

One Minute Practice gives you real time access to your clinic performance from anywhere you have an internet connection. Never again feel chained to your business, unable to leave it for fear of your systems falling over the moment you take a day off. <join>


“The One Minute Practice has been fantastic - it enables me to put all of my KPI’s in one place and I can log in from anywhere and in a moment see exactly how work is doing - all the staff doing the things I have asked - are the KPI’s on track - and that takes me - ONE MINUTE.”

Helen Macdonald - Owner of Richmond Physiotherapy - New Zealand

“One Minute Practice has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars in terms of time investment - for a multi-location business like mine, you would easily be saving 5K to 10K a week in revenue just by using this program.”

Aaron Hardaker – Owner – Mid North Coast Physiotherapy – Australia

“One Minute Practice has already saved me nearly $30,000 – this will give you the peace of mind you need as a health business owner.”

Yousuf Syed – Owner – Spine and Sports Physiotherapy – Australia

“One Minute Practice streamlines all my processes and procedures into one place – once you start using this system it will pay for itself no end.”

Justin Blake – Owner – Podiatry IE - Ireland

“I feel like I now have total control of my business again – in one minute I can see exactly what is going on in my business – I would recommend One Minute Practice to any health business owner.”

Alex Gazis Morris – Owner – Regional Physiotherapy – Australia

“I can now be sure that my admin staff and therapists are following my procedures and systems – I would highly recommend One Minute Practice.”

Sean-Michael Latimour – Owner – Sports Enrichment Therapy – Canada

“The red and green alerts are ideal for someone like me who is not IT savvy – so I can see exactly what is going on in the business whether I am at the practice or not. One Minute Practice is essential for anyone with a health business.”

Paul Rowsen – Owner – Balnarring Physiotherapy – Australia

“It only takes me 10 minutes a day to enter the information for our 5 Physios and the Occupational Therapist - the forms are really easy - a very simply way to keep a track on everybody - highly recommended.”

Pauline Gibson - Practice Manager - New Zealand

“Very impressed – previously I was overwhelmed by lots of different spreadsheets – whereas with One Minute Practice everything is now in one spot – it is very easy to import my data – extremely useful program – highly recommended.”

Russell Mackenzie – Owner – Adelaide West Physiotherapy and Pilates - Australia

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