Paul Wright
Paul Wright
B.App.Sc (Physio), Dip. Ed. (Phys. Ed.), Adv. Dip. Business Management

Living the "Practitioner Nightmare"

For nearly 20 years I was a typical hard working health professional – much like you - arriving at my clinics early in the morning – treating clients all day – struggling to also find the time to fix staff issues and other business problems - only to finally arrive home in the dark – totally exhausted – spend a few minutes with the kids ( if I was lucky) –  have a quick bite to eat – then get on the computer to catch up on the practice management items I did not have time to do during the day -  then get up the next day and do it all again.

I was living the nightmare of many good intentioned health professionals – who went to university with dreams of helping lots of people live better and more enjoyable (and pain free ) lives – only to finally open their own practice  – and discover that the real world of health business ownership was a combination of long days, staff dramas, over reliance on you to do everything and no time for family and friends.

Transforming My Business - and My Life

Fortunately – I was able to get myself out of this nightmare – before it was too late – I started cutting back my consulting hours – to spend more time on the important areas of health business management, staff training, system development, marketing, recruitment – and all the other essential areas of business management I have been neglecting for many years.

The results were amazing – I was able to systematize my clinics- even expand to the point where I had 6 clinics, was seeing no clients, visited these clinics for only an hour or so each week or 2 – and did not even live in the same city as 5 of them.

By this time – other health business owners were asking me how I was able to run the businesses remotely and have such a great quality of live – so I started running seminars and producing programs, DVDs and packages where I shared my hard earned business knowledge and experience with fellow health business owners from such professions as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy –even Dentist, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Optometrists.

Helping Other Health Practitioners

I subsequently sold my health businesses – for excellent prices– to focus more on helping other health business owners regain control of their businesses and live the life they wanted for themselves when they first went to university to study their chosen health profession.

I also began working with an elite group of health business owners from around the world including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Asia and the USA - as part of my One on One Coaching Program – and this is where the idea for One Minute Practice came about.

I had been using the key components of the One Minute Practice program for many years to oversee my health businesses – and these were the exact same components I then put into action for the owners in my private coaching program – with the same stunning effect.

Increased team compliance, increased profits and greater freedom for the owner – just like I had in my businesses.

Your cloud-based One Minute Practice - unshackle your business

But as I only work with a limited number of private clients at any time (and my private program is always sold out and has a long waiting list) – I was not able to help as many health business owners as I would like - so it made perfect sense to integrate these essential components into an online platform that can be used by health business owners around the word to oversee their business, track their clinic performance – and ensure team compliance with their many protocols and procedures.

Thus, in association with my good friend and web expert Derek Recsei (see below) -  your "One Minute Practice" online cloud service was born.

Derek Recsei
Derek Recsei
B.E. (Hons), MBA (Exec)

Screen-based visual modelling and control

Derek began his career working for Honeywell Control Systems on screen-based remote control systems for offshore Oil and Gas platforms, Industrial & Steel Manufacturing plants and Satellite Earth Stations.

He then worked as a Software Engineer and Project Manager for an Australian company on multi-million dollar screen-based remote control systems for Electrical, Water and Transport utilities. He was promoted to Customer Support Manager for the Asia-Pacific region.

Derek was then hired by Rational Software, a Silicon Valley based company that specialised in supplying tools to improve the quality and deliverability of complex software systems for the Financial, Insurance, Airline and Defence sectors worldwide.

Derek held the role of Regional Manager prior to a company buy-out by IBM.

Embedding businesses into the Internet

Since starting a boutique web design company called Web Ascend in 2002, Derek has been helping a diverse range of customers to accelerate their business via the Internet for the past 20 years.

One Minute Practice

The cloud-based "One Minute Practice" for Health Professionals is custom-designed and built for Paul Wright and is the result of a perfect marriage between Derek's more than fifteen years experience with screen-based Visual Modelling systems and his more than ten years experience with designing and building Web-based solutions.

One Minute Practice has been designed to allow Health Professionals to visually monitor their health business from anywhere around the world - in just one minute!